Wazee Lake


Annual Pass: $30.00

2nd Annual (Same Household) $15.00
Wazee Camping: $20.00
Daily Dive: $5.00
Annual Dive: $40.00


The Wazee Lake Recreation Area is Jackson County's newest and largest County Park. The focal point of the 1300-acre recreation area is Wazee Lake. The lake is 146 acres in size and is the clearest and deepest inland lake in Wisconsin. Wazee Lake has become the most popular scuba diving site in the Midwest, attracting more than 1000 divers annually. For more information on scuba diving click here It is also host to a two-tier fishery including two species of trout, smallmouth bass, bluegills and walleye. The lake is non-motorized to ensure protection of the pristine water quality, and to promote a "quiet" recreational experience. The area offers 12 rustic campsites with pit toilets and water, 9 miles of hiking trail, 3 miles of surfaced bicycle trail, a large beach, picnic areas, handicap fishing pier, boat launch and several scenic vistas of the surrounding forest land. Reservations are accepted on 6 of the 12 campsites. Reservations can be made for camping Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend. Reservations require a 3 night minimum and are subject to a $10.00 reservation fee for each site reserved. Reservations can be made by credit card, the mail or in person. Checking the availability of desired sites is encouraged when making reservations through the mail No refunds. Reservations are accepted from December 1 - Labor Day for the following year. 


N6302 Brockway Rd, Black River Falls, WI 54615