Frequently Asked Questions

Land Use and Zoning:

What is a comprehensive land use plan?

How do I find out what my zoning is? 

What does A-1 Agriculture zoning mean?

What does A-2 Forestry and Limited Agriculture zoning mean?

What does C-1 Resource Conservancy zoning mean?

What does R-1 Residential zoning mean?

What does R-2 Residential zoning mean?

What does R-3 Cottage zoning mean?

What does R-4 Residential zoning mean?

What does R-5 Recreational zoning mean?

What does R-6 Rural Residential zoning mean?

What does M-1 Industrial zoning mean?

What does M-2 Industrial Extractive zoning mean?

What does M-4 Mining zoning mean?

Private Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems:

How do I obtain a Sanitary Permit to install a septic system?

Are there any grants available to help pay for replacing my failing septic system?

What can I do to prolong the life of my septic system?

How often am I required to inspect or service my septic system?

Who is licensed to pump my septic tank?

Who is licensed to do an inspection of my septic system?

Property Development and Permit Requirements

Do I need a Land Use Permit before building or placing a structure on a parcel?

Where do I get a Land Use Permit application?

Do I need a Building Permit from my local municipality for my construction project?

Who do I contact for any Building Permit or construction questions?

Shorelands, Wetlands, and Floodplains:

What shoreland areas are regulated by Jackson County?

Do I have wetlands located on my parcel?

Is my property located within a special flood hazard area?

I have had some flood damage occur, who do I contact for more information and assistance?