Family Court Commissioner

The Jackson County Family Court Commissioner handles issues involving divorce (awarding temporary use of property while the divorce is pending, awarding maintenance, etc…), mediation referrals, child custody and physical placement.  Forms and instructions are available to bring the appropriate matter before the Commissioner both online and at the Clerk of Court’s Office.  The website will walk you through how to start a divorce/family action and will help you complete the appropriate forms.  The website also provides you with valuable links to other resources such as legal research and finding legal assistance.

If you have questions about modification of an existing child support order, you should start by contacting the Jackson County Child Support Agency to determine whether the matter can be handled outside of court. 

Please remember: 
  • If you need legal advice, you must consult an attorney.
  • You can appear in family court without an attorney, but an attorney's help may improve your chances of getting what you want in your case and prevent future misunderstandings.
  • The information provided at this site is general information, not legal advice and is not a substitute for legal advice.
  • By law, the Family Court Commissioner, the County Child Support Agency, and Clerk of Court’s staff cannot give you legal advice.
  • We make no claims, promises or guarantees about the accuracy, completeness, or adequacy of the information contained in or linked to this web site.
  • Ex parte communication with the Family Court Commissioner is prohibited. The Family Court Commissioner will not talk to you about the merits of your case unless the other party is present; this includes voice mails, emails, texts etc.  If there are matters that you feel must be heard by the Family Court Commissioner, please contact the Clerk of Court’s office.
  • Hearings with the Family Court Commissioner are scheduled through the Clerk of Court’s office.
The Wisconsin Court System Self-Help
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This website provides a guide to divorce, legal separation, and family law in Wisconsin.  It takes you through a series of questions, filling in forms necessary to start or finalize such an action.

Disclaimer The clerk and staff are not allowed to give legal advice. Legal questions should be directed to your attorney or to the Lawyer Referral Service at (800) 362-9082.


For a list of all family forms and instructions:

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Commissioner Richard A. Schaumberg
 Family Court Commissioner, Jackson County
307 Main St., Courthouse
Black River Falls, WI  54615
PHONE:  (715) 284-0208