Welcome to the Real Property Lister Division

In 1951, Wisconsin Legislature created the position of County Real Property Lister to ensure that lands were being represented accurately for assessment and taxation purposes. The RPL maintains land records focusing on the ownership records of real estate. This takes the form of an organized compilation of the county's land ownership records and legal descriptions. As such, the RPL is a custodian of the information used to create the assessment rolls that underlie the entire taxation process.

• Review and process documents dealing with land ownership ensuring the public record is clear
• Maintain parcel numbers and assign new parcel numbers for all land splits
• Maintain all parcel mapping
• Update ownership and mailing address for all properties
• Maintain property addresses on parcels
• Provide brief legal descriptions for all parcels as shown on the latest recorded documents
• Maintain school district and special purpose district codes for all tax parcels
• Prepare work rolls for assessors
• Enter valuation changes assigned by assessor into the system
• Prepare assessment notices and assessment rolls for Board of Review
• Print tax bills and a variety of tax reports
• Provide basic tax forms as prescribed by the Department of Revenue
• Submit the “Statement of Assessment”, beginning work rolls, and final assessment rolls to the Department of Revenue
• Serve as a coordinator between the County, State, and Local Municipalities for assessment and taxation purposes
• Assist the public and other departments with locating property information

All property records are available online at: https://beacon.schneidercorp.com/Application.aspx?AppID=1194

• Jackson County is made up of 27 municipalities (21 Towns, 5 Villages, and 1 City), 10 School Districts, & 3 Technical Colleges.
• The County consists of approximately 27,000 parcels of land.
• The total aggregate equalized value for 2021 was $1,849,553,600.
• The Black River State Forest encompasses over 68,000 acres.
• The Jackson County Forest is over 122,600 acres of public land.
• In 2022 the WI DNR reported 55,791 acres of land entered into Managed Forest Land & 320 acres entered into Private Forest Crop.

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