Come Ride with Us!


Jackson County is host to some of the most popular ATV trails in the Midwest. Over 100 miles of trail wind through the scenic Black River State Forest and Jackson County Forest. The trails can best be described as sandy and rolling.

All ATV's and off-road motorcycles will be required to have a functioning Forest Service approved spark arrestor, and meet a 96dB sound limit subject to an approved SAE sound test. If you do not have a functioning spark arrestor on your machine, or your machine exceeds 96dB and are caught operating you WILL receive a citation in the amount of $232.00. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Most, but not all stock machines will come equipped with a USFS approved spark arrestor. On the other hand, most aftermarket exhaust systems do not meet the requirements (although some do). All approved systems will be stamped somewhere on the exhaust. If you are in doubt, contact the manufacturer of your exhaust system/machine to check if it is USFS approved. A GOOD RULE OF THUMB IS, IF IT'S LOUD IT WON'T MEET THE REQUIREMENTS.

Trails are groomed periodically by State and County workers to ensure the best and safest riding conditions. The trails are also open to the use of street legal motorcycles. All street legal motorcycles are required to display a Jackson County use sticker before riding the trails. Stickers are available at many local vendors. For information on obtaining a sticker, please contact our Department at Wisconsin law requires that all ATV’s must show a valid registration sticker on the machine prior to operation on public or private lands or display a trail pass.

Wisconsin Law requires that all non-resident (out of state) ATV's purchase a non-resident trail pass. We recommend purchasing these at the local Wal Mart in Black River Falls located on Hwy 54. Please go the sports section of the store to access the DNR service proram.

The trails connect many food, fuel and lodging establishments in the Villages of Millston, Pray and Black River Falls. If you would like a map, please scroll up and download the map available on this page. If you experience problems with the downloadable map, please call our office or e-mail us (with your address) at 
and one will be sent to you in the mail.

Riders are cautioned to ride only on the marked trails, and to ride safely and responsibly at all times to ensure the future of the sport. STAY ON THE MARKED TRAIL - OR STAY HOME!