General Office and Statutory Fees Information

NOTE: This guideline is provided only as a public service and is not meant to be legal advice. The Register in Probate office cannot give legal advice or complete the forms for you; please contact an attorney if you have legal questions.

ADDRESS: Mail all correspondence and documents regarding Probate matters to:

Elizabeth Storlie                                           Trisha Rondorf

Register in Probate                                      Juvenile Clerk
307 Main Street                                            307 Main Street
Black River Falls, WI  54615                        Black River Falls WI 54615

Certified copies:

Request for certified copies may be made in person or by mail. If the request is by mail, please enclose the correct fee (certification fee and copy charge per page) and a stamped, self-addressed return envelope. Payment must be received before the issuance of certified copies.


Inventory Fee for Estates:

  • Estate assets of $10,000.00 or less and for guardianships/conservatorships with assets under $50,000.00;



  • Estate assets over $10,000.00 and guardianships/conservatorships assets over $50,000.00;

                .2% of inventory value

Certification Fee:  

Copies Fee:
$1.00 per page

Filing a claim against the estate:
$3.00           File form PR 1819, Claim against estate

Searching for files or records:

Wills filed for Safekeeping:

$9.00 + copy fee

Termination of Life Estate:

Certification of Judgment or Descent:

Grandparent or Step-Parent Visitation Action:

Objection to Probate of Will:

Health Care Power of Attorney:

Declaration to Physicians (Living Will):