The Invisible Wound

Crime often destroys victims’ sense of trust in their surroundings and their sense of control over their lives.  This impact has often been described as an invisible wound on the crime victim’s life. 

Just as a physical injury takes time to heal, the invisible wound inflicted by crime takes time.  The healing process will be different for everyone.  It can take weeks or months for victims to regain a level of emotional balance.  Time and understanding are two important factors when dealing with the emotional and life altering impact of a serious crime. 

For some victims, talking about the event and how it has impacted their lives can be very healing.  Other victims are reluctant to express how the event has affected and changed their lives.  It is important that victims are given the opportunity, and as much time as needed, to tell someone what happened to them.  Sometimes victims need to recount the incident a number of times.  Victims need to have non-judgmental support.  They also need to have family and friends understand the importance of individual healing time and that no one recovers at the same pace.