Dealing with the Media

In some cases, dealing with the media can add stress to you and your family. Many victims and family members of victims have found it helpful to have one family member or a family friend deal with the media.

No matter who responds to media requests, you should know that you can:

  • Say ‘NO’ to an interview (even if you have given other interviews).
  • Agree to an interview, but refuse to answer certain questions.
  • Select a time and place for interviews. You may protect the privacy of your home by giving interviews elsewhere or providing your point of view through a spokesperson and/or a written statement.
  • Protect children from interviews. A child may be re-traumatized by having to talk to the media.
  • Request offensive photos not be printed or aired.
  • Grieve in private and ask reporters, photographers or others to respect your privacy.
  • Request a retraction or correction of inaccurate reporting.
  • Request to be treated with dignity and respect at all times.

If you have questions or concerns about the media, call the V/W Coordinator for further assistance.