Jackson County Specialty Courts

Jackson County Adult Treatment Court Program

The Jackson County Adult Treatment Court enhances public safety, preserves families, and improves the quality of life for all residents, by providing cost effective, individualized and comprehensive treatment and rehabilitative services delivered in a culturally sensitive and dignified environment. Treatment court enables participants to break the cycle of addiction.

Treatment Court is a structured program that serves high-risk, high-need drug offenders through ongoing treatment, intensive court and probation supervision and community support services.

Eligibility and Referrals

Potential candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • Jackson County resident
  • Charged with a felony related to drug abuse or dependence or violated felony probation due to substance abusing patterns
  • Willing to address substance abuse/dependence
  • Willing to abide by the Treatment Court Program rules
  • No extraditable warrants or unresolved pending charges
  • No prior felony convictions for violent crimes as in WI and/or Federal Statute
  • Potential candidates cannot be deemed a predatory drug dealer

Referral Process

  • The offender and counsel must submit a signed application to the Treatment Court Coordinator who will screen the potential participant to see if they meet minimum eligibility requirements.
  • The COMPAS assessment tool is used to determine the risk/need level of each participant. If a candidate is currently on probation and has a COMPAS on file that is less than 2 years old those results may be used. If not, the COMPAS referral packet must be completed.
  • The applicant will be referred to complete a comprehensive Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse (AODA) assessment.
  • After the assessments are completed the Treatment Court team will review the information before voting to accept the individual in the treatment court.
  • Pending cases must be resolved making treatment court part of the sentence before the individual is formally admitted.

Referrals may come from the following sources:

  • District Attorney's Office
  • Probation Agent - Dept. of Corrections
  • Defense Attorney
  • Self-referrals

To make a Treatment Court Referral print and complete the Treatment Court Referral Packet including the Participant Contract. Please submit completed forms to:

Melissa Windsor, Justice Systems Coordinator

Jackson County Courthouse

307 Main Street, Room C206

Black River Falls, WI 54615



Fax: 715-284-0297


Treatment Court meets every two weeks on Wednesdays at 3:45 pm in the designated court room. The Treatment Court team meets prior to court at 3:00 pm. The court session is open to the public.

Program Expectations

  • Participants can expect to be in Treatment Court a minimum of 13 months. The length of the program is determined by each participant's progress through the four phases.
  • Participants attend court bi-weekly.
  • Participants will be randomly and frequently tests for drug and alcohol use throughout the program.
  • Participants will follow a treatment plan as determined by their treatment provider.
  • After meeting the requirements of each phase the participant may apply to move to the next phase. The team will decide when a participant is ready to move to the next phase.

Further information regarding specific rules and operating procedures of the Treatment Court can be found in the Participant Handbook.