Inmate Mail/Property Rules


All inmate may mail must adhere to the following:

  • -A return address
  • -no homemade cards/envelopes
  • -no risqué photos (10 photos total * no polaroid’s or glued pictures)
  • -no perfume or sprays
  • -paper only or paper cards
  • -no staples, ties, wires, or spirals
  • -no gang affiliations or paraphernalia  
  • -no cash or personal checks for inmates (may have money orders mailed in)


If mail and books do not meet the following criteria they will be denied and returned to sender or placed in the inmates property locker.

Inmates may have books (PAPER BACK ONLY) mailed in directly from the website, fulfillment center, or distributor. All paperback books must not be on the Department of Corrections banned book list.



All property released is to be picked up in first 72 hours following arrest. All property releases for prison are not be released until after the subject is transferred out and only picked up on SATURDAY AND SUNDAYS.  We do not give out any transportation information.

No property is to be dropped off for inmates, except medications, that are to be in the correct labeled pharmacy bottle with the full prescription labeled.


Release times from Sentences are 8:00 AM * unless sentence requires specific time*