Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I view tax deed properties and where they are located?
Detailed information regarding Jackson County tax deed properties being offered for sale is available at the Jackson County Clerk's Office.  For your convenience, these parcels are viewable on the Jackson County Mapping Website (Beacon).  Click here to go to Beacon - Jackson County WI Mapping for more information.

How do I get an address or fire number for my property?
All addresses or fire number in the unincorporated areas of Jackson County are assigned by the GIS Coordinator/911 Coordinator.  The Residential Address application is available on the Forms and Applications page, complete the application and return it to the GIS Coordinator/911 Coordinator.  Once the number has been assigned, a copy will be forwarded to you as well as the local municipal clerk.  The clerk will order and the town patrolman will install the sign.  Each township assesses a fee for the cost of the sign and it's installation.  See the Jackson County Directory to contact your local clerk for this cost.

Who do I contact when my address or fire number sign has not been installed?
Your local municipality is responsible for ordering and installing the address sign.  You can find your municipal clerk information by clicking on the Jackson County Directory.

Who is my property assessor?
See the Municipal Clerk & Assessor List available on the Forms and Applications page.

How do I appeal my property assessment?
See the Guide for WI Property Owners for information regarding the appeal procedures, which is available on the Forms and Applications page.

When is my Board of Review or Open Book?  The dates of each Open Book and Board of Review are set by each assessor & municipality.  The majority of Board of Reviews take place in May or June, while municipalities which are undergoing a revaluation usually finish up in the fall.  Dates and times are posted in the paper two weeks prior to the meetings.  Property owners who have had a valuation change to their property will also receive a notice of assessment prior to this time.  Please contact your municipal clerk to find dates and times for your specific municipality, or visit the DOR website.

How do I apply for the lottery credit?
Contact the Jackson County Treasurer's Office at (715) 284-0206.

What do the assessment codes on my tax bill mean?
See the Department of Revenue's Assessment Code Descriptions.

What does the information on my tax bill mean?
See the Explanation of your Tax Bill available on the Forms and Applications page.

I am thinking about dividing my parcel of land, will this have any impact on my tax bill?
See How Dividing Property Affects Your Tax Bill available on the Forms and Applications page.

I have questions regarding property assessments and property values in our current economy.  See the Department of Revenue's article:  Property Assessments in a Declining Market.

What are "Equalized Values"?  See Wisconsin's Equalized Values from the Department of Revenue.