Child Protective Services

Reporting child abuse and/or neglect:

This is information you can expect to be asked when reporting child abuse or neglect. You can still make the report even if you don’t know all of the requested information; however, we can make the most informed screening decision when more thorough and accurate information is provided. 

  • What is your name, phone number, address, and relationship with the child? If you are not a mandated reporter, you can remain anonymous if necessary.
  • What is purpose of call – CPS report or Services report?
  • Who are the children - names, birthdates/ages, addresses, race?
  • Who are the parents - names, birthdates, addresses, phone numbers, race, custody order/schedule?
  • What are your concerns?  What information or observations caused you to have these concerns?
  • Who is the maltreater, what is his/her relationship to the child?  What kind of access does he/she have in the next 5 days?
  • Does the child have any injuries?
  • Do you know if the parents are using drugs?
  • Is anyone else living in the household?
  • Is there domestic abuse now or has there been in the home?
  • Are you aware if anyone in the home has Native American heritage?
  • Where is the child right now?
  • Does the child have any special needs?
  • Where does the child attend school and/or day care and what time do they leave or get picked up?  Are the parents employed?  If so, do you know where?
  • How might the family respond to us having contact with them?
  • Who else might have information regarding the family or the circumstances?
  • What supports/strengths do the parents and family have?

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