Application and Issuance

It is the policy of the Jackson County Zoning Department that a site visit will be performed for every request or permit application.  This is to ensure that all ordinance standards and requirements are met PRIOR to construction commencing. 

On-site visits will be performed for the following types of requests:

  • Land Use Permit
  • Grading or Filling in Shoreland Areas
  • Zoning Map Amendment Petitions
  • Conditional Use Requests
  • Variance Requests

The department is committed to offering assistance to any landowner during the planning process for development and should be the initial contact of any person who wishes to develop their property.

Grading and Filling Land Use Permit

A Grading and Filling Land Use Permit may be required before any grading and filling activities may be done in an area that is above the ordinary high-water mark of a navigable water body.  It is necessary for the Zoning Department staff to view the proposed grading and filling site prior to issuing a permit. 

Requests for Grading and Filling Land Use Permits shall describe the following:

  • The dimensions of the area involved.
  • The existing and proposed slopes with contours.
  • The depth of land cutting and/or filling.
  • The measures to be taken to prevent any erosion of soil or similar material from the project site entering into waters during construction and beyond.
  • The date of commencement of work and the expected date of completion.

Land Use Permit

A Land Use Permit is required for construction, placement, addition and alteration of structures.   This includes structures such as homes, accessory structures, garages, sheds, barns, decks, porches, gazebos, signs and towers.

The following information is required when you complete a Land Use Permit Application:

  • Legal description of your property.  This information can be found on Real Estate Tax bills or legal documents.
  • Size of the property or parcel.  Verification of lot size can be provided with a copy of a plat or certified survey map.
  • Size and estimated cost of the proposed structure to be built.
  • A plot plan showing the location of the structure on the property and all lot lines and roads with the setback distances shown in feet.
  • A Sanitary Permit must be on file with the Zoning Department prior to obtaining a Land Use Permit for any home or dwelling.

The Zoning Department recommends contacting their office prior to ANY development taking place.  This may avoid the need for after-the-fact permits or other enforcement action, which delays the project and makes it much more costly.

* Please Note:  A Land Use Permit is valid for six months from the date of issuance.