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The Jackson County Animal Shelter is owned and operated by Jackson County and the City of Black River Falls.  An allocated budget helps provide funds needed to run the shelter.  Additional funds and assistance are provided by the Jackson County Humane Society.
Purpose of the Jackson County Animal Shelter
• Shelter and care for lost pets until they can be reunited with their owners.
• Accept unwanted and stray companion animals and make attempts to place them in caring and responsible homes.
• Humanely euthanize those animals which are in-adaptable or unwanted.
• Respond to complaints of inhumane treatment of animals and refer the complaints to proper authorities.
• Encourage pet owners to have their companion animals spayed or neutered to reduce the pet overpopulation problem. 



Filling out an application is in no way a guarantee that you will be able to adopt that animal. We take more than one application on each pet and do our best to choose the most suitable situation for each individual animal's needs.
If we deny any application, we are not implying that you would be a bad pet owner, only that your situation isn't right for that animal's needs. If we have more than one suitable application, we go with the first one filled out.
Veterinary history on previously owned animals has a bearing on our final decision. Regular vaccinations are not only important for the health of your pet and family, some are required by law.
If you rent, your landlord's permission is required. Our staff will verify this.
Because you are required to sign a legal contract, you must be at least 18 years of age to adopt a pet.
We require that all dogs adopted be vaccinated against rabies.
We require that all animals leaving our building be on a leash or in a secure pet carrier.
It is our policy that all dogs and cats adopted be spayed or neutered by the date specified on your contract, if not previously altered.
We require that ALL State or local ordinances regarding licensing be obeyed. (Cat licensing is required in certain areas.)
Animals cannot be adopted as gifts unless all adult members of the receiving household approve. Our staff will verify this.
Families with children under the age of 6 must spend time here with the pet to see how they interact with each other.
If your situation changes and you can no longer keep your pet, you are required to return the animal to the Jackson County Humane Society, Inc.


Select the pet you feel you would like to share your home with for the rest of the animal's life.
Fill out an adoption form and read the pre-adoption information we give you. Call us with any names or phone numbers we may still need to process your adoption.
Wait a minimum of 24 hours while we process your application.
Call us after 1:00 PM the next business day after you filled out your application to find out whether or not it has been approved.
If your application is approved, you need to return to the shelter when the animal is available to finish filling out paperwork and pay for your pet. Please bring a leash and collar for your adult dog or a secure pet carrier for cats and pups.
Fill out and sign a legal contract agreeing to have your new pet vaccinated, licensed in accordance with local ordinance, and spayed or neutered by the date we specified on your contract. We can extend the contract date as required and verified by your veterinarian.
Pay the required altering deposit. To receive a full refund, we must receive a copy of the veterinarian's receipt within 30 days of your pet's spay or neuter date. Because this is a legal requirement, you need to provide us with the information regardless of whether or not you wish to receive your refund. If you wish to donate your refund to help care for other homeless pets, simply mark your receipt with a word "DONATION." All 2-4 weeks for refund.
If you simply are unable to keep your pet for any reason, simply return the animal to us for a full refund. If your vet feels there is a major health problem, you need to decide if you want to treat the animal and absorb the expense or return the animal to the Humane Society for a full refund.
Enjoy your new pet. If you have any problems or questions, please give us a call. Thank you for giving one of our furry friends a second chance. Pet ownership is a privilege, not an inherent right. 

We need a variety of services from donations of kitty litter, pet food, and toys, to dog walking and playing with the cats. Please contact the shelter at 284-0251 for a more complete list of the animal shelter's needs.

For More information on volunteering and/or donating to the animal shelter follow this link

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