Welcome to the Jackson County Planning Department

The mission of the Jackson County Planning Department is to improve and promote the quality of community living and natural resources for Jackson County.  In doing so, the Department aims to balance environmental and economic vitality, in a business-principled, cost-effective, ethical manner.  The Planning Department assists land related activities in four general categories:  planning, zoning, property listing and land information.  The Department plays the lead role in the County's comprehensive planning process. 

Much of the planning that is done is to meet statutory requirements of the State, or to meet eligibility requirements of grant funding opportunities. Planning activities that take place in the department range from facilitating the planning process for towns and villages in the county, to leading the County Comprehensive Plan that is required by state statute.

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Chapter 66.1001, Wisconsin Statutes, lists nine elements that comprise a comprehensive plan. Jackson County has organized these elements into five chapters to promote readability and easy reference.

Chapter 1: Introduction - describes Wisconsin's Comprehensive Planning requirements and the planning process used to complete this plan.

Chapter 2: Vision, Goals, Objectives and Policies - describes the community vision, goals, objectives, and policies for each element of the comprehensive plan.

Chapter 3: Future Land Use - a summary of the future land use plan for Jackson County.

Chapter 4: Implementation - a compilation of recommendations and specific actions to be completed in a stated sequence to implement the goals, objectives, and policies contained in Chapter 2 and 3.

Chapter 5: Existing Conditions - summarizes historical census and land use data and county, regional, or state planning efforts which may include or affect the County (as per Wisconsin Statute 66.1001). This information provides a basis for creating goals, objectives, policies, maps, and actions guiding future development in Jackson County.