Welcome to the Jackson County Surveyor Department

As the County Surveyor for Jackson County, Cody Brommerich is responsible for carrying out the statutory requirements of the Surveyor's Office.  The County Surveyor executes surveys required by the county and does not work as a private land surveyor.  The department can offer advice to landowners on ways to resolve surveying related land problems.  Should you need the services of a surveyor, the Jackson County Surveyor Department has compiled a list of private land surveyors who are familiar with surveying in Jackson County and would be qualified to perform your survey.  The surveyor list is for reference purposes only, and is neither an endorsement nor a recommendation of any firm or individual.  

The County Surveyor provides the following information and services.

  • Survey records- dating back to 1845 (possibly the most complete records in Western Wisconsin).
  • Digital and hard copy aerial photography (several flight years available). 
  • Digital and hard copy US Geological Survey topographic maps (7.5 minute).
  • US Geological Survey and National Geodetic Survey benchmark data.
  • High Accuracy Reference Network (HARN) station information (GPS Values).
  • FEMA Floodplain maps covering Jackson County. 
  • We have dual frequency GPS receivers, which we use to establish geodetic control for projects, located within Jackson County.  There is usually a charge for this unless it is a cooperative project.

The County Surveyor is currently working towards re-monumenting the PLSS section corners throughout all of Jackson County. 

He is also responsible for the maintenance of damaged corners.  If you know of any damaged corners in your area, please contact the County Surveyor Department.

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