Criminal Justice Coordinating Council

Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC) meets:
Approximately every twelve weeks
4:00 -5:00 pm
Explorer Conference Room, 2nd floor of Courthouse
307 Main Street
Please check meeting dates link at the bottom of the page to verify date, time and location as changes may be made to accommodate holidays and other conflicts
The CJCC was created in 2017 in response to Resolution 14-5-2017 of the Jackson County Board of Supervisors and signed by the Executive and Finance Committee. The CJCC is an advisory council to the Jackson County Board of Supervisors and the criminal justice system.
The principle mission of the CJCC is to:
  • study the county's adult criminal justice system;
  • identify deficiencies;
  • coordinate efforts;
  • work towards the reduction of recidivism.

The CJCC is committed to the coordinated planning of innovative programs that reflect the county's desire for safety and cost effectiveness. The CJCC will serve as the central planning body of the adult criminal justice system, and will make recommendations to justice system partners and stakeholders.

Mission Statement

The principle mission of the CJCC is to improve administration of justice and promote public safety through planning research, education and the community-wide coordination of criminal justice initiatives utilizing evidenced-based decision making.

Criminal Justice Coordinating Council Members

There are 16 voting members of the CJCC who are members due to the postions they hold.

1. Circuit Court Judge

2. County Board Chair

3. County Sheriff

4. Chief of Police-Black River Falls

5. County District Attorney

6. Clerk of County Court

7. Wisconsin State Public Defender

8. Department of Corrections Supervisor for Jackson County

9. County Department of Health and Human Services Director

10. Chief Judge, Ho-Chunk Nation

11. Chief of Police, Ho-Chunk Nation

12. Chief Executive Officer or designee- Black River Memorial Hospital

13. City of Black River Falls Mayor or designee

14. Black River Falls Fire Chief

15. Victim Interest Representative

16. Member-at-large



Jackson County

Criminal Justice Coordinating Council

Melissa Windsor, Coordinator


2023_CJCC_Meeting_Dates_and_Times.docx 2023 CJCC Meeting Dates and Times
CJC_Council_Meeting_Minutes_from__Dec._6_2022.docx CJCC Council Meeting Minutes from 12/06/2022