Will of Deceased Person  

Pursuant to Wis. Stat. Sec. 856.05, the original Will for every deceased person must be filed with the Register in Probate within 30 days of death.  If a probate proceeding is required, you may file the original Will at the same time that you file the initial documents to open the administration.  If no probate proceeding is required, please file the decedent's Will within 30 days of death.  It is preferred that you personally file the original Will with this office.

Deposit of Will for Safekeeping

Pursuant to Wis. Stat. Sec. 853.09, you, the testator, may deposit you Will for “safekeeping” with the Register in Probate of the court of the county where you reside.  There is a statutory fee of $10.00 for this service.  The Will must be in a sealed envelope with your name and address noted on the outside of the envelope.  The Register in Probate will provide you a receipt at the time of deposit.

If you need to withdraw your original Will, you will need to sign a retrieval form provided in this office, in front of a witness, and provide photo identification at the time of signing.  The original Will can only be removed by you, the testator, personally or by a person authorized by you, the testator, by a writing signed by you, the testator, and two (2) witnesses, other that the person who will be withdrawing the will from safekeeping.