Subdivision and Platting Ordinance

The Jackson County Surveyor and Zoning Department are responsible for the administration and enforcement of the division of lands within the unincorporated areas of Jackson County in order to promote the public health, safety, prosperity, aesthetics, economic well-being and general welfare of Jackson County.                

Any division of property is required to meet the standards set forth in Jackson County, Chapter 18 and the related chapters of the Wisconsin Administrative Code and Statutes that are in affect.  This includes individual parcels or subdivision plats.


What land divisions need approval?

Land divisions that create a parcel that is less than a rectangular half of a government protracted quarter-quarter require county approval and shall be recorded as a Certified Survey Map (CSM).  A maximum of four (4) lots can be created via a CSM.

Land divisions of five (5) or more lots shall be recorded as a Subdivision Plat.   Any subdivision with five or more lots that are less than 1.5 acres in size require State Plat Review and County approval.

ALL CSMs, preliminary and final plat maps, and legal descriptions dividing existing parcels shall be reviewed by the County prior to recording.  Contact the Zoning Department for the appropriate review fees.

What is the required minimum lot size?

All proposed lots are to be a minimum of 1.5 acres in size, unless one of the following applies:

  • Local municipality has passed an ordinance which is more restrictive.
  • Specific County Code of Ordinances or State Administrative Code allowing for lot sizes below the required 1.5 acre size.
  • A variance is granted by the Jackson County Board of Adjustment by following the required public hearing procedures.