Rural/Residential Addressing

The GIS Division of the Land Information Department is responsible for all residential 911 addressing in in the unincorporated areas and villages of Jackson County.


  • City of Black River Falls Administration

  • The official addressing systems shall apply to:

    • All habitable structures. If more than one habitable structure exists on the same property, a separate number shall be issued (i.e. a house and a travel trailer on the same property).

    • All principal structures utilized for commercial business activities.

    • All accessory buildings or group of accessory buildings, travel trailers, and/or campers that have separate road access from related habitable structures (i.e. a group of farm buildings located a mile down the road from the house).

    • Structures, facilities, and buildings related to public and private infrastructure, such as antenna towers, water towers, electrical substations, sewage treatment plants, etc.

    • Vacant land ONLY if the property owner chooses to apply for an address.

    • Public and private sporting or recreation areas, which annually amass twenty (20) or more people, such as parks, campgrounds, event venues, etc.

    Habitable Structure. Any room, building, chamber, living quarters, apartment, vehicle, trailer, railway car, aircraft, watercraft, or other accommodation which provides temporary or permanent shelter for living, sleeping, eating, cooking, or any other activities typically associated with human occupancy or assembling persons or conducting business whether a person is actually present or not.

    The forms and application materials are available below or under the Residential Addressing tab. Please note that you are required by Jackson County Ordinance 6.14(2) to have your driveway connection permitted before your address application is processed. Complete the application materials as thouroughly as possible and return them to the GIS/911 Coordinator. Please also include a map of your property indicating your (proposed) driveway location. Once the address/fire number has been assigned, all documentation will be mailed to you as well as to the local municipal clerk. If applicable, the village or township clerk will order and install all signage. Each township assesses a fee for the cost of the sign and its installation. See the Jackson County Directory to contact your local clerk for this cost.



    Applications & Permits

    Address Applications

    *You are required by Jackson County Ordinance 6.14(2) to have your driveway connection permitted before your address application is processed.*

  • Jackson County Residential Address Application (Fillable PDF)

  • Jackson County Residential Address Application (Printable PDF)

  • Please include a property map which indicates where your (proposed) driveway intersects with the public roadway.

  • Driveway Permits

  • Class A: WisDOT (Form DT-1504) Application/Permit For Connection to US/State Highway (Printable PDF)

  • Class A: WisDOT (Form DT-1248) WisDOT Location Sketch (Printable PDF)

  • Class A: WisDOT Driveway Permit Contacts (Northwest Region)

  • Class B: Jackson County Highway Driveway Connection Application (Fillable PDF)

  • Class C: Jackson County Town Road Connection Application (Printable PDF)

  • Road Name Applications

  • Jackson County New Road Application (Printable PDF)

  • Jackson County Road Name Change Application (Printable PDF)

  • Municipal Addressing Services Agreements

  • Village of Alma Center Addressing Services Agreement

  • Village of Hixton Addressing Services Agreement

  • Village of Melrose Addressing Services Agreement

  • Village of Merrillan Addressing Services Agreement

  • Village of Taylor Addressing Services Agreement


  • Chapter 6: Jackson County Emergency Management Ordinance