Welcome to the Jackson County Zoning Department

The mission of the Zoning, Planning and POWTS Department is to provide information, support and services to the property owners, residents, and visitors of Jackson County.   We continually strive to protect natural resources, maintain community character and sustainable development while balancing public and private needs.

The Department is responsible for administration and enforcement of the comprehensive zoning, shoreland, floodplain, subdivision, sanitary and airport height ordinances and the related chapters of the Wisconsin Administrative Code and Statutes that are in effect in all unincorporated areas of Jackson County.

The staff has a wide variety of activities that includes review and issuance of permits, compliance inspections, complaint investigation and maintaining records of all these activities.  Our department is committed to assisting you.

References and Helpful Links:

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Airport Height Regulations

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Land Use Regulation

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Subdivision and Platting

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