Jackson County Family Reunification Court

Family Reunification Court

Family Reunification Court (FRC) is a comprehensive program designed to break the cycle of substance abuse by providing timely, family-centered treatment, and supportive services to families with the ultimate goal of improving family safety, well-being, and permanence for children.  FRC is a 12 - 18 month program which supports substance abuse treatment and focuses on safe parenting.  There are program goals for participants to complete before reunification occurs.   Cooperation with the service plan developed by the Social Worker and substance abuse treatment provider is necessary for successful reunification. Participants receive the benefit of a team-approach for support, early access to comprehensive services and the opportunity for a drug-free lifestyle with improved health, finances and relationships.  Participants in this program often have their children returned to them more quickly.  The goal of FRC is to break the cycle of substance abuse within families, reduce the number of children placed out of the home, provide comprehensive and holistic assessments to thoroughly evaluate families' needs for more effective treatment and to best assure community safety, reduce costs and recidivism.

Further questions can be directed to:

Melissa Windsor

Justice Systems Coordinator, Jackson County