Victim Witness Services

The period following a crime can be very difficult. Although everyone reacts differently, many victims and witnesses report that they feel shock, confusion, numbness, disbelief, anger, or other emotions after the incident. You may be having similar feelings, in addition to dealing with physical, financial, and psychological concerns related to the crime. It can all be trying, but there is help. 

Jackson County Victim/Witness Services alongside the District Attorney's Office is here to assist. 

As a crime victim in Wisconsin, you have rights. The criminal justice system will need you to take part in the court process, so the person(s) responsible for the crime can be held accountable. 

This information on this page is designed to give you an brief look at your rights, how to exercise them, who to call to find out about services. It will also give an overview of the criminal justice system, tell you what might happen if you have to go to court, how to prepare to speak in court, and what can happen afterwards. There is also a glossary to help you become familiar with words commonly used in the justice system.


∼This page does not provide legal advice∼