Register in Probate/Juvenile Court Clerk

Register in Probate


The Register in Probate coordinates the judicial duties and administrative functions of the Probate Court. The Register in Probate assists in the probate of all estate proceedings: Manages all formal probate files and administrative proceedings, wills filed for safekeeping, guardianships, conservatorships, protective placements, mental, alcohol and drug abuse commitment records and adoptions. The Register in Probate records all documents and proceedings in probate court. Probate Registrar handles the administration of informal probate proceedings, testate and intestate.

Adoption:  Adult and Minor Child

Advance Directives

Probate for Estates Greater than $50,000

Probate for Estates Under $50,000

General Office and Statutory Fee Information





The Wisconsin Register in Probate Association has developed a booklet for Personal Representatives. It is not meant to provide legal advice; it is merely a guide that may help the Personal Representative through the estate administration process. The booklet is available through this link:

Personal Representative's Guide to Informal Estate Administration in Wisconsin


Forms can be found at

Juvenile Court Clerk

The Juvenile Clerk is the custodian for records that include juvenile CHIPS, delinquency, JIPS, juvenile guardianships and termination of parental rights matters and ensures compliance with all statutory requirements under chapters 48 and 938 of the Wisconsin Statutes. The juvenile clerk records all documents and proceedings and manages all files under these chapters.  Juvenile records are kept confidential and are therefore closed files.

Legal Advice
Register in Probate office staff cannot give legal advice. Please contact an attorney if you have legal questions or call the lawyer referral service at 800-362-9082.

If you feel you are indigent and wish to apply for court-appointed counsel, please use the following form.  Once completed please return to the Jackson County Juvenile Clerk for filing at least 7 business days prior to your scheduled hearing.