MAT Diversion Program

This program is supported by Award No. 2019-TD-06-14841
Wisconsin Department of Justice
The Jackson County Medication Assisted Treatment Diversion Program was created in response to repeated incarceration episodes of offenders struggling with substance use disorders, namely opioid addiction.
This program is a post-charge model. A Deferred Prosecution Agreement will be entered into by the defendant with the assistance of counsel. The agreement will be individualized to include goals based on criminogenic needs and that are realistically achievable. Successful completion will result in the diverted charge being reduced, dismissed or amended to an ordinance violation.
In order for a case to be considered:
  • Defendant must be 18 years of age
  • Had an opportunity to speak with counsel
  • A criminal complaint has been filed for a crime motivated by AODA
  • Booking completed
  • No other holds or sentences preventing release
  • Probation holds facing new violations what would otherwise result in an ATR
  • Willing to attend counseling and submit to random UA testing

***The authorizing TAD statute, Wisc. Stat. 165.95 requires that any diversion program that the Wisconsin Department of Justice funds limit participation to non-violent offenders***

Screening and Assessment

Initial screening and assessments will include the COMPAS to determine risk and need levels. Once afforded the opportunity to discuss his/her case with counsel the defendant may elect to proceed with a medical and behavioral health assessment to determine viability of medication-assisted treatment and AODA counseling. If the findings are of low to medium risk and medium to high needs with medical clearance for MAT and a diagnosis of a substance use disorder, the process of applying for Medicaid will take place (if applicable). Referrals will be made for counseling and medical follow-up.