The Jackson County Treasurer’s Office is responsible for receiving and depositing funds from all County departments, investing County monies, and keeping account of all money transactions. This office is responsible for the posting of all the municipal tax collections and maintaining the tax settlements for each municipality. We collect all the postponed or delinquent taxes. When the taxes become delinquent, we notify real property owners of pending acquisition of property by Tax Deed.

We are also responsible for keeping the lottery credit file updated. The Lottery and Gaming Credit is granted to Wisconsin residents who own a dwelling and use that dwelling as their primary residence as of the certification date (January1st) of the year in which property taxes are levied. Only one primary residence may be claimed per person. This credit cannot be claimed on business property, rental units, garages, or other properties that are not used as a primary residence. Once you apply and qualify, it will be applied to the next tax bill in December and every year thereafter. TO APPLY CLICK ON THE WI DOR LOTTERY CREDIT LINK BELOW.

If you still own property in Jackson County and have moved, please inform our office of your new address. Also, if you no longer qualify for the lottery credit, please contact our office to update your information.

If you have a dog, you must obtain a dog license from your Local Treasurer and show proof of vaccination.  Kennel licenses must be obtained from your County Treasurer, along with proof of vaccination.  Kennel licenses are $35 for up to 12 dogs and $3 for each additional.

You may also pay your 2nd installment or delinquent taxes online, but there is a $2.50 charge for payments under $100.00 or 2.5% convenience fee for any other payments.  This is charged by the Credit Card processing company - PAYGOV.US

For your convenience, there is a DROP BOX located in the lobby of the Sheriff’s Department (located at 30 North 3rd Street) for AFTER HOUR tax payments (see our hours of operations). Please do not leave any cash payments

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